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About Susan Truppe

Susan was elected in 2011 as the federal Member of Parliament for London North Centre.  She was honoured to be appointed as Parliamentary Secretary for the Status of Women on two occasions by the Prime Minister.   In that capacity, Susan served as a spokesperson for the media on several government issues both on TV panels and on radio as well as made funding announcements for Status of Women and on behalf of other Ministers. 

Susan worked tirelessly on issues affecting women and girls, advocating the funding of many local organizations including infrastructure, arts, festivals, research, small business and multi-cultural groups.  She also hosted many round table discussions in London and across Canada from topics on violence against women and girls, budgets and immigration to trade, infrastructure and Maternal Child Health Care, just to name a few.    

She understands business, employment, balancing a budget and making tough decisions.  Prior to being elected, Susan was Director of Sales and Marketing for 16 years at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre and was promoted to Assistant General Manager of the hotel during that time.  Utilizing her strong leadership skills, she was responsible for sales and marketing, training staff on brand awareness and new campaigns, communications, budgets and day to day operations of the hotel.   In addition, Susan initiated many fundraising activities that benefited local organizations.   The most successful events were the “Think Pink” catering package with proceeds going to breast cancer research and” Pick a Pie for Charity”.  Hundreds and hundreds of pies were sold at Thanksgiving time with proceeds going to 2 different charities every year. 

Susan is currently the Vice President of Executive Accommodations, a family business for over 20 years.    She oversees the operations aspect of a fully furnished short-term stay condo business. 

Susan has been an active member of our community and a London resident for almost 40 years and received the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for her community service over the years. 

She currently serves as a Director on St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation Board.

Susan and her husband Walter have one child (Walter Jr) who are both actively involved in politics. 


Why vote for Susan Truppe?

  • Known to fight for the rights of constituents  
  • Tireless worker
  • Dedicated to the constituency of London North Centre
  • Committed to the community (attends hundreds of events every year)
  • Understands government legislation
  • Experienced speaker (in the House of Commons and internationally)
  • Outstanding voting record
  • Represented the government on TV panels, radio and at announcements
  • Internationally, Susan represented Canada and spoke annually at the Commonwealth and Parl Americas conferences


We need change in Ontario, and we need change in London North Centre!

The Liberals’ record raises key questions:  Do Ontarians want the same reckless and politically corrupt government?  After 14 years of waste, scandal and mismanagement of your tax dollars, how can anyone trust Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals every again?

Here are some of the highlights of the Liberal record over the last 14 years:

         The secret Hydro One fire sale that is putting Ontario back in the coal business.  A terrible deal for

            Ontarians to make a quick buck for the government 

         Five OPP investigations

         Doubling the debt – forcing our kids and grandkids to pay for today’s Liberal excess

         Deep cuts to health care at a time when more and more Ontarians are depending on it

         The loss of hundreds of thousands of good-paying manufacturing jobs as job-creators flee                    

           Ontario and make it harder for young and old to find good paying work

         Billion dollar eHealth boondoggle

         Kicking 3,500 children with autism off of the wait list for life-changing IBI therapy

         Chaos in education  – 600 schools closed or slated for closure

         Millions spent on partisan, taxpayer funded vanity ads the Auditor General would have blocked. 

            All to convince Ontarians to re-elect a government that is hurting Ontario

         Massive tax hikes including the vehicle and license fees and the health tax

         The Cap-and-Trade cash grab which has helped spike our energy prices through the roof

         TAXES, TAXES & MORE TAXES that are keeping families from getting ahead and strangling

            job-creators from creating opportunities.

         The collapse of supervision for felons on probation - llowing violent sex offenders on parole to

           roam the streets unsupervised

         Gas plants scandal that cost $1.1 billion and counting


Kathleen Wynne’s decisions, driven by what’s best for her and her insider friends, are making it harder for you and your family to get by, wasting your money, and threatening the things we value most like healthcare, education, and services for those in need.

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